Books of the Month – November

In the last month I’ve only read two of the books I wanted read, Frightfully Friendly Ghosties COLLECTION and A Foot In The Grave. They were both perfect for Halloween.

I’ve also read Jake and Lily by Jerry Spinelli and What’s For Dinner, Mr Gum by Andy Stanton. It has been a very busy month.

I have listened to audiobooks by Hilary McKay: Permanent Rose, Caddy Ever After  and Forever Rose. I’ve also listened to the first Emily Windsnap book by Liz Kessler,  Dragon Princess by E. D. Baker and Halloween Fraidy-Cat by Abby Klein.

Alice Miranda at SchoolThe books I want to read in November are…

  • Jacky Daydream by Jacqueline Wilson
  • Ask Amy Green : Summer Secrets by Sarah Webb
  • Hetty feather by Jacquline Wilson
  • Fairy Tribes : The Wildwood Arrow by Paula Harrison

My Book of the Month is:

Alice-Miranda at School (book 1) by Jacqueline Harvey.

I will be reviewing it soon.


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