REVIEW – Princess Poppy: Snowflake

51xR68cnFdL__SX385_“It’s a beautiful snow-sparkling day and Poppy, Honey and Saffron are off to Wildspice Woods to collect twigs and berries to decorate the ball room at the Hedgerows Hotel for the Winter Ball. When they enter the woods, everything looks and smells magical and the girls are entranced. But as they walk deeper and deeper into the trees it becomes darker and darker and they can hear a strange noise that sounds like a baby crying. Poppy, Honey and Saffron follow the whimpering as it gets louder and louder and louder. They soon fine an injured baby deer curled up underneath a snowy fir tree. They can’t just leave him there – what are they going to do? Join them on their midwinter adventure and find out what happens . . .”

This picture book is really sweet with wonderful illustrations and a letter from Poppy which shows you how to make a snowflake.

My favourite scene was at the end when Honey and Poppy got a magical surprise! I like all the characters and the snowy setting gets you in a wintery mood.

I recommend this book for ages 3+. It is a great book to look at as well as to read.


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