Amazing magic book trick from Girls Heart Books

Amazing! It really works. I wish I knew how!


Hey, want to be a brain-boggling mind-reader this Christmas and wow all your family and friends?

You do? YAY!!! Then this simple magic trick will get them all a-spluttering and a-muttering and boggle-eyed with amazement!!! And best of all it’s a BOOK TRICK!!!

Firstly, when no one is looking, take your favourite book and turn to page 108. Find the 9th word on that page and memorise it. You can do this the day before even. In fact do it right now while no one is suspecting!

Now to perform the trick!

Get whoever you are doing the trick on to wear a silly Christmas hat or a piece of tinsel or hang a baubel from their ear. This is not essential but adds to the fun!

Next give them a piece of paper and a pencil.

Ask your volunteer to secretly write down a 3 digit number in which…

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