REVIEW – Girls Out Late by Jacqueline Wilson

266794“Ellie has a boyfriend! Interested in her – not in her best friends, Magda and Nadine! She and Russell are made for each other – drawn together by their shared enjoyment of art. If only Dad thought Russell was perfect too… And as Ellie runs into trouble with a parent who thinks his daughter is too young for after-dark trysts in the park with oh-so-gorgeous Russell, Magda has a crush on a teacher – and Nadine’s falling for slimy Liam again. What they need is a girls’ night out – Girls Out Late!”

This is the third book in the Girls series by Jacqueline Wilson, which makes more sense if you read it in order.

This story was about growing up and wanting to stay out later than nine o’clock. Ellie meets Russell who enjoys drawing as much as she does. The ups and downs of their relationship made the story really gripping and everything was explained very clearly.

I really liked all the scenes in McDonald’s. My least favourite character is Nadine because she makes two too many mistakes!

Like the other books in the series, I really enjoyed this story, and I recommend all the books to girls aged 11+.

I reviewed the first one in the series here, and the second one here.


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