Divergent movie premiere

divergent movie posterRecently I went with my brother and my mum to the Divergent premiere in London. They had transformed Leicester Square into a Divergent fan experience, with lots of activities related to Dauntless, one of the factions in the story. Lots of other book bloggers were there, including Amber from the Mile Long Bookshelf, but sadly we didn’t meet up. We queued to get on the red carpet, with the stars arriving while we waited.

Me on the red carpet

Me on the red carpet

After a walk on the red carpet, we chose our faction from bowls of wristbands. I was dressed as Candor, but I chose Erudite so that I could sit with my family. (Blood before faction!) Inside, the cinema was massive, but we were lucky enough to sit close to where the stars came down to the stage, so we saw them really close-up. On our seats there were Divergent t-shirts the colour of the faction we chose – ours were blue. We also got flavoured water.

The film was very exciting. I have listened to the audiobook of Divergent by Veronica Roth, and I think they got most of the big scenes into the film. I liked the beginning when the groups were lined up to take their aptitude tests, because it was great to see all the different colour schemes for each faction together. The soundtrack was amazing.

Divergent is in cinemas now and I recommend it to people who like action-packed and romantic films.


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