REVIEW – Wendy Quill is Full Up of Wrong by Wendy Meddour

20491446This book is about Wendy Quill, who is fed up with doing things wrong. The first story is about riding her new bike and slightly squashing someone, the second one is about going to the wrong Jemima’s house and the third is about ghosts and diaries.

Wendy Quill is Full Up of Wrong is the third book in the Wendy Quill series. I enjoyed the child-like way that Wendy Quill thinks, and all of the stories were great. I especially liked the second story because it was about friendship. My favourite character was Angelina Hardthorpe because even though she’s mean, she was fun to read about.

The book has extras at the end, including the rules of the Giggle-Wheeze gang and recipes. There are also lots of brilliant illustrations by Mina May, who is the author’s daughter. She was only 12 when she drew them.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants a quick, funny read.

My review of the first book in the series, Wendy Quill is a Crocodile’s Bottom, is here.


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