FILM REVIEW – Maleficent

mal27You think you know the story of Sleeping Beauty, but do you?

Maleficent is about the fairy in Sleeping Beauty who casts the terrible spell on Aurora.  She seems evil but when you look deeper into her reasons you see the real Maleficent.  The film follows Aurora going from princess in a cot to princess in a dream.

I think the film is really well cast and Angelina Jolie made a striking Maleficent.
My favourite characters are the three pixies but if I had to pick one it would probably be Thistlewit the yellow/green pixie because she was always giggling and having fun. The flying scenes were spectacular, and there was drama all the way through. I watched the film in 3D, but I think it would have been equally great in 2D.

I recommend this movie to families and anyone who enjoys fairytales with a twist.


2 thoughts on “FILM REVIEW – Maleficent

  1. Went My Famliy to see this and OMG it soooooooo amzing that whole cinma clapped.Angelina Jolie actrul good be Maleficent.

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