REVIEW – Pea’s Book of Big Dreams by Susie Day

17126170Pea wants to be a writer and that’s all she ever wanted to be. But when her new teacher Mr Ellis only gives her 6 out of 50 on her English test, Pea tries to reconsider. What should she try? Pet therapist might work out. She could test out football. Pea loves to draw – could that be her career?

This is the second in the Pea’s Book series. This book is about Pea’s hopes and dreams for the future. I enjoyed reading about the different possibilities for Pea and seeing her crossing things off her list. I loved Pea’s diary entries, too. All the characters in this book are so charming – you can’t help loving them! I think my favourite character this time might have been Wuffly – everything about this dog was exciting and really fun to read.

I recommend this whole series to boys and girls aged 7+ who like reading about real life and families. You can read my review of Pea’s Book of Best Friends here.


One thought on “REVIEW – Pea’s Book of Big Dreams by Susie Day

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