Jacqueline Wilson’s 100th book

puffinIf you’re a Jacqueline Wilson fan then you should know that her 100th book is coming out in October, and if not then now you do. And to celebrate, Puffin Virtually Live put together a full-to-the-brim webcast starring Jacqueline, Nick Sharratt and Phoebe Thomas (the actress who plays Hetty Feather in the stage show).
This webcast includes:

  • A tour of the Exhibition: The story of Jacqueline Wilson Exhibition at the Museum of Childhood
  • A draw-along with Nick Sharratt
  • A behind-the-scenes tour of the Hetty Feather stage show.
  • All about Tracy Beaker & other characters
  • And…
  • Jacqueline Wilson’s 100th book cover is unveiled and she reads from Opal Plumstead for the first time EVER!


So if you want to see it, go here and sign up to Puffin Virtually Live. Also keep up to date with their new webcasts – Roald Dahl Day coming soon!


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