HALLOWEEN REVIEW – The Mystery of Wickworth Manor by Elen Caldecott

13486711Paige and Curtis are on a special school trip, one where all the Year 6s go to help make the first year at secondary school less scary. They go to an old building called Wickworth Manor. In Curtis’s room – or sort-of room – there is a spooky painting of the Wickworth Boy. What is the story of this mysterious boy? Curtis and Paige go on adventures to find out…

This is a ghostly mystery story, but also a story about friendship. Curtis has come from a different school with a small mystery of his own. He and Paige don’t even like each other for most of the book, but they start to work together and help each other. They also get into trouble a bit with scary Mrs Burton-Jones, the owner of Wickworth Manor.

It was great to uncover the secrets with Paige and Curtis. I could imagine Wickworth Manor and the creepy old rooms very clearly in my head.

I really liked Paige because even though she may be a bit weird and bossy sometimes, there was something about her that was likeable and fun. I don’t have a favourite part of the book because I loved it all.

I recommend The Mystery of Wickworth Manor for all ages and all times of the year, but it’s perfect for Halloween.


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