Girls Heart Christmas!

23601150If you’ve checked Girls Heart Books lately, you should know that 10 of the authors there have written a book of short stories. It’s called Girls Heart Christmas and it’s out now! So if you have a Kindle ebook reader or a Kindle app on your phone or computer, then buy it now! There’s definitely something for everyone in this book. Alex Campbell, Jo Cotterill, Paula Harrison, Joan Lennon, Luisa Plaja, S C Ransom, Jenny Smith, Deirdre Sullivan, Julie Sykes and Lynda Waterhouse have stories in it. You’ve got to like at least ONE of them! Plus there’s an awesome cover by Cathy Brett!

“Ten heart-warming and uplifting Christmas stories by some of the UK’s best-loved children’s authors.

From puppies to moon bases, domestic crises to futuristic worlds, there’s something for every young reader in this brand-new collection – and each story has a Christmas theme. Supported by the multi-author blog Girls Heart Books, this anthology brings together successful authors Julie Sykes, Paula Harrison, Jo Cotterill, Jenny Smith, S C Ransom, Deirdre Sullivan, Luisa Plaja, Joan Lennon, Lynda Waterhouse and Alex Campbell.

The perfect seasonal read for any girl or boy aged 8-12!”


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