REVIEW – Girls Heart Christmas edited by Jo Cotterill & Julie Sykes

Girls Heart Christmas is a collection of short stories that are set at Christmas time. There are lots of 23601150diverse themes in the stories and each one is very different. There are family and friendship dramas, sci-fi, animal tales and more.

I really enjoyed the whole book. Here is more about some of my favourite stories:

Evie’s Christmas Miracle by Jenny Smith
This is the last story in the book and it finishes it with a real bang! Evie has Tourette’s Syndrome and she is starring as Mary in the nativity play. The story made me smile all the way through, and the ending was especially fantastic.

Guarding Agnes by Alex Campbell
Billy is coping with the loss of his parents. They died on Christmas day, and he has kept quiet ever since. This is a moving story about acceptance, and I found it really enjoyable.

The Keys To The Ice Palace by Lynda Waterhouse
I wish this story was a whole book because I really want to read more about this world! The characters were intriguing and the setting was atmospheric.

Even though Christmas is over, I recommend this book to everyone!


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