REVIEW – Marsh Road Mysteries: Diamonds and Daggers by Elen Caldecott

When Hollywood sensation Betty Massino comes to Marsh Road to star in the local theatre, Piotr, Minnie, Andrew, Flora and Sylvie can’t wait to see her. But disaster strikes! Betty’s very expensive diamond necklace is stolen and Piotr’s dad, a security guard at the theatre, is a prime suspect! Can Piotr, Minnie and Andrew, with […]

REVIEW – Forbidden Friends by Anne-Marie Conway

“When Lizzie and Bee meet on holiday, it feels as if they were always meant to be friends. Escaping their parents and exploring, everything seems perfect in the hot summer sun. As the two girls grow closer however, strange questions rise to the surface… Is Lizzie an only child? Why has Bee’s dad disappeared? And […]

TWO BAKING BOOKS REVIEW – The Baking Life of Amelie Day by Vanessa Curtis & The Great Kfitten Cake Off by Anna Wilson

The Baking Life of Amelie Day and The Great Kitten Cake Off are two books about baking competitions, but they couldn’t be more different! The Baking Life of Amelie Day is about Amelie, whose favourite activity in the world is dreaming up things to bake and then making them. She really wants to enter the […]

HALLOWEEN REVIEW – The Mystery of Wickworth Manor by Elen Caldecott

Paige and Curtis are on a special school trip, one where all the Year 6s go to help make the first year at secondary school less scary. They go to an old building called Wickworth Manor. In Curtis’s room – or sort-of room – there is a spooky painting of the Wickworth Boy. What is […]